Children of the world

When one man dies, it is a tragedy. When thousands die, it is statistics.No one chooses to be a refugee. In a time when humans are proving to be the biggest villains, we have to step up and be the heroes for each other that we know we need. There is no running away from this. It’s time to stop being escapists and start accepting the reality of all that is going on around the world. 

Waking up to a little and then a little more heartbreak every single day, It’s easy to be sitting miles away and browsing through global crises’ and local “intolerance” wars, but the truth is we as a breed are losing our grip on humanity- a little every day. Wherever the stories are coming in from- Lebanon, Beirut, Baghdad, Afghanistan, Peshawar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, gaza, Paris, Syria- remember that this is our story. This is a world our predecessors have created for us and left us to survive in. What we build together is the only thing that will count. We are one with those without a home, without a country and without a god. We can simply not deny ourselves the reality that we are who the refugees will be, and the refugees will be who we make them. 

Acceptance is a funny thing. Dynamics do not offer the possobilities of taking sides. Having lived in Mumbai all my life apart from my time spent our studying, I understand the complicated equations of tolerance and intolerance that Indians from different parts of the country have towards each other. One cannot be blamed for being uncomfortable with people taking over their homes, their cities. With a growing population we face issues of placement and displacement all the time in India. 

However, survival is core. And that is what everything really boils down to. I think it’s imperative to recognise a feeling  of empathy towards those that are suffering. We can not get anywhere till we empathise. It’s pointless trying to decide who is right and who is wrong, this issue is must more complicated than anyone has anticipated with large scale political agendas and missions that have been in the making for decades now. 

I hope I can get the message across to whoever may be reading this, that the point is to not get drawn into the politics of the situation but rather understand the relevance of your own opinions and support towards those suffering at this point of time. We are all children of the same world, the same sky, the same God. #refugeecrisis 


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