Spectacular Lucknow- Nawabon ka Shaher!

I was in Lucknow on a business trip and wanted to make the most of my time so I could pacify my itchy feet to travel! I was determined to make time to see the city i had heard so much about in the limited time that I had.


I ended up going alone one free morning around the city. From the first step I took into the Bada Imambara, I was amazed. the bada Imambara constitutes of a grand mosque, a Bowli or water tanker with a deep dark history and a huge Maqbara surrounded by deep, twisting tunnels and secret passageways called the Bhul Bhulaiya!


Nawabon ka shaher- A day in the tomb of & with the martyr. From the Persian Hall, Bada Imambara surrounded by the Bhul-bhalaiya, a maze with innumerable tunnels twisting through the dark, the walls speak here, you can here a sound of a matchstick lighting from across the hall, whispers travel through time, and once lost in the dark tunnels hidden in the surrounding walls There is no way out. And there in the middle of all this magnificence, lies the man that made it all.


A day in his tomb will shake up the darkest hollows of your soul.The Bowli is a cold dark place, place that has seen more death, more fear, more torture than most others. A mighty salute to Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah, once Nawab of Awadh who lost love, life, family in the name of truth, honour and duty and landed up on display with his head on top of a spear outside this very place. Also listed in the 35 most haunted places of India, the walls and the dungeons of the the Bara Imambara speak in silence, so loud that it is impossible to ignore.


I stayed at Gemini continental which is strategically located in Hazrath Ganj Lucknow, close to the prime shopping and food properties yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The staff is very cooperative and I say this with full confidence as they supported me majorly during the set up and execution of a very high tech conference for my company last month.


The rooms are great and the service is highly commendable. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone looking for great quality accommodation, However there are several heritage hotels here closer to the hotspot of cultural attractions like the Teela wala Masjid or the Rumi Darwaza. These hertage sites are a part of and blend beautifully withhtyh. The roads and infrastructure is impressive and so is the variety in food and eateries across the city, especially Tundey’s Kebabs!


One of the most graceful cities I have been to, I stand truly mesmerized by Lucknow !